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The three founding partners of Brown Dunning Walker Fein PC, first became acquainted in 1980, as law school students. In December 2015, Dave Walker became a named partner and with the retirement of Brian Berardini in 2017, the firm was renamed to Brown Dunning Walker Fein PC. The partners of Brown Dunning Walker Fein PC, have all achieved Martindale-Hubbell's prestigious AV-Rating.

Now, with over 75 years of combined experience, Brown Dunning Walker Fein PC, provides sophisticated, cost-effective legal services for small to medium-sized businesses, construction companies, financial lending institutions, and banks. For more information about their services, contact Brown Dunning Walker Fein PC, or explore this website to learn about their practice areas:

Colorado and Arkansas Business Lawyers

As a business-oriented law firm, Brown Dunning Walker Fein PC strive to offer their clientele the most efficient, cost-effective legal services possible, always holding the clients' bottom line and financial well-being in the highest priority. Like many larger firms, they offer the quality, sophisticated, and efficient legal services your business requires. Unlike many larger firms, you won't be charged an exorbitant rate.

They combine legal advice with practical business advice on how to resolve any particular situation. Appointments may be made by phone or email to meet at one of our two convenient locations.

If you'd like to set up an appointment over the phone or in person, contact Brown Dunning Walker Fein PC.